Raptors eat their vegetables.

Well, having a blog sure beats having a tiny journal. I post things that I'm interested in (no surprise there), and poetry from time to time. I also post many silly chats I have with the Redcoat boyfriend (he's a lot funnier than me, proven fact). I love writing/reading about all sorts, love werewolves, love video games, love masks, and love my Lobster.

I suck at giving compliments.

  • Me: Well, you're lean, and nimble...and supple.
  • Him: Fucking hell. Supple? You sound like a serial killer.

Potty Lobster Mouth

  • Him: You have everyone on Tumblr thinking I'm a potty-mouth now.
  • Me: You are.
  • Him: Now I need to watch my language around you.

So many tags. What, you want every c*nt and their mother to read it? #witty Brits #Britty wits #shitty wits #britty witty #shitty britty #shitty witty britty #britty witty titties #shitty witty titties britty

— David (when he noticed all the tags)

I just want to be witty like him.

  • Him: You just take me for granted...
  • Me: Don't be silly, no I don't.
  • Him: Yes you do.
  • Me: No, babe. The only thing I take for granted are grants. *laughs hysterically*
  • Him: ....
  • Me: *still laughing*
  • Him: Fucking hell....was that your attempt at humour?
  • Me: I'm just trying to be witty too. Practice makes perfect.
  • Him: *sigh* Don't give up your day job.